Association Partners

The Alabama Rural Health Association is pleased to have these valued partners on-board as a valued asset to our members.  We encourage all members to use these vendors as a preferred source for your rural health needs. 

Gold Level

Alabama Office of Primary Care and Rural Health

The Office of Primary Care and Rural Health facilitates and participates in activities to improve access to health care services for all rural Alabamians with special concern for children, the elderly, minorities and other medically underserved vulnerable populations. 

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama

Since 1936, we’ve been doing our part to provide quality, affordable healthcare coverage to each and every one of our members, at every stage of their lives. We are proud to be the number one provider of healthcare benefits in Alabama.

Alabama Power

When it comes right down to it, Alabama Power is involved in so much more than keeping the lights on. We’re also working to make a difference in the lives of Alabamians. We’re involved in the development of our communities, the education of our young people, supporting causes our customers feel strongly about and taking care of our elderly, needy and disabled.

Silver Level

Alliant Purchasing

Originally founded in 1976 to offer warehouse and delivery services to West Texas hospitals, Alliant Purchasing has grown into a national GPO and one of Premier’s largest Sponsors and Owners.  Our accumulated purchasing power, strategic collaborations, and dynamic partnerships allow us to deliver value throughout all healthcare service lines.  Industry insight and our subject matter experts assist in streamlining your buying process.

Azalea Health     

The fully integrated, cloud-based Azalea EHR, RCM, Telehealth and Professional Consulting Services suite enables community hospitals, rural health clinics, and practices of all sizes and specialties to tailor a sophisticated solution that meets all of their business needs at a fraction of the complexity and cost. This organization is the leading cloud-based Health IT platform connecting community-based healthcare providers and patients across the lifecycle of care delivery – in the hospital, at the practice and from home. With clients ranging in size and scope from small physician and specialty practices, to large clinics and rural hospitals, Azalea Health has helped them improve their operations, streamline workflows, and boost financial performance as well as customer engagement.


Tango340B is a mission-centric organization, exclusively serving organizations who provide care to vulnerable patient populations.  We improve access to care and medication adherence rates, help navigate the complexities of 340B, ensure you maximize your resources, and facilitate full regulatory compliance.  Through our holistic pharmacy and 340B program management services, we empower our clients to channel their energy towards their primary mission of patient care delivery.

Bronze Level

Acton Corporation

Acton Corporation brings over 25 years of experience in release of information (ROI) to healthcare practices of all sizes and specialties. Sometimes referred to as a medical records copy service, Acton is based in Birmingham, Alabama and has become one of the most trusted and respected companies in the health information management (HIM) industry. Acton maintains an incredible client retention rate and our adaptability in an everchanging healthcare industry makes us a valuable resource for your practice.


ChartSpan is the largest chronic care management (CCM) service provider in the U.S.  We provide a comprehensive set of care services for Medicare beneficiaries across the country.  By providing access to care services specifically designed for chronically ill patients, our team of seasoned clinical experts are able to help patients live fuller and healthier lives while also reducing their medical costs.


ENA delivers transformative technology solutions supported by exceptional customer care. Since 1996, we have worked with our customers to design and engineer high-capacity and future-ready connectivity, communication, cloud, security, and data analytics solutions.


Medhost has been the trusted partner to healthcare providers for 35 years due to their expertise in helping maximize the value of investments every step of the way. For healthcare facilities to provide quality patient care and maintain a healthy business, they need a partner that can provide the right products, at the right price. The hospital is the core of a community and Medhost proudly works to be a part of the hospital’s ongoing clinical, financial, and operational success. 

The Compliance Team     

Medicare-approved Exemplary Provider® accreditation for Rural Health Clinics by The Compliance Team features common-sense Safety-Honesty-Caring® quality standards, expert mentoring, self-assessment checklists, Patient Quality Measurement™ database access and great customer service. Ask about our newest program, a simplified PCMH accreditation for Rural Health Clinics.

General Directory

Aesto Health provides a platform for the development and support of healthcare IT businesses where member companies are becoming even more than they can on their own. Aesto Health offers an abundance of resources in the form of influence, guidance, and partnership in the marketplace enabling the group to thrive.
Several aspects of our lives affect any one issue.  Just as all ingredients in a recipe affect the taste, smell, appearance and, effects of the final product. So do all aspects of our lives have an effect on the whole person in life, health, and our work. Therefore, we have chosen to utilize evidence based processes for coaching others to achieve optimal wellness.
We have a long history in healthcare. In fact, we are owned by hospitals and physicians in the state of Alabama. We’ve been dedicated to helping our customers manage the rising costs associated with risk from the beginning and doing it in one of the most challenging insurance markets: healthcare. As a result, we know we have what it takes to “rethink risk” – the way it’s managed, financed, and leveraged – in a way that can help any organization achieve its goals.


InQuiseek, LLC is a business and healthcare consulting company dedicated to helping organizations, and the people who work within them, adapt to the every changing markets, regulations, workforce, and culture. In the firm’s Healthcare Division, support for hospitals and physician practices in the areas of revenue cycle management, patient accounting, finance, reimbursement, health information management, and compliance are provided to partners. Within the Business Division, an extra set of eyes are provided to executives by focusing on four areas: executive coaching, financial analysis, leadership training, and strategic planning.


MediCopy provides an efficient ROI service for both the patient and the HIM department. We proudly offer a customizable workflow that will fit the needs of any hospital.